The best trout farm in BC

Miracle Springs Incorporated, formerly Sun Valley Trout Farms Limited, is one of the largest producers of Rainbow Trout in British Columbia.

We raise Rainbow trout from our own brood-stock, from eggs to 2-3 pound mature fish. Most of our fish go to market at 8-14 ounces. Albion Fisheries ( is our wholesaler in Vancouver, providing trout to the restaurant and retail markets. The rest of our trout are raised for sale to customers for research, or those people who are stocking private lakes and ponds in British Columbia. We are also supply Smolts for RAS and Commercial Farms.

A History of Quality

Our company has been providing high quality rainbow trout to the Vancouver market since the 1960’s. Hans who along with his parents, Hans Sr. and Mimi, and brother, Bernie, started Sun Valley in the 1960’s in Coquitlam, moving to Mission in 1967 to a small property west of Mission. In 1974, the farm bought the property that Miracle Springs Inc. currently uses. This farm, because of an amazing artesian spring water source has been producing the majority of fish sold by Sun Valley Trout Farms since then. In 1996, to reflect the changes in the original company, Sun Valley Trout Farms Ltd. changed the name to Miracle Springs Inc. Hans and Leigh Lehmann retired in May 2013 and the company was purchased by Upcountry Properties Group, which has carried on the tradition of producing a high quality local product.

Since we raise our own brood stock, we can provide customers with small fish for research, bio-assay work, stocking, as well as dressed fish and special order smoked product. Our fish are tested for a number of disease semi-annually, by the Department of Fisheries and are Certified Disease Free under the Fish Health Protection Regulation. A Fish Health Certificate is available upon request. The certification allows our fish to be exported to other provinces.

We are OCEANWISE ™ certified!



  • Brood stock Rainbow Trout
  • Fresh Rainbow Trout & Arctic Char

for wholesale and retail

  • Smoked Rainbow Trout

for wholesale and retail

  • High quality Rainbow Trout & Arctic Char

for restaurants

  • Rainbow Trout fry for Bio-Assay,

Toxicity testing and research

  • Rainbow Trout for stocking

private lakes and ponds

  • Rainbow Trout for Aquaponics
  • Smolts for RAS and Commercial Farms
  • Fertilised and Unfertilised (Green) Eggs
  • Milt
  • Contract rearing
  • Bulk Water Sales

Benefits & Resources