Farm Management Practices

The water source for the farm is a large artesian spring from a confined aquifer, which means that the fish are raised in water that is free of contaminants that can be found in surface water sources. The temperature, a cold 8 degrees Celsius year round, means that the meat on our fish is always firm and sweet.

Our Rainbow Trout, Steelhead and Arctic Char are fed feeds that are as natural as possible. We do not use growth hormones or routine antibiotics. We believe in good farm practices, giving the fish lots of oxygen rich water and room to swim. This produces a high quality product. Because the fish are raised in such cold water, they may take a little longer to reach market size, but the high quality makes it worth the wait.

We believe in sustainable fish production and reducing the impact of aquaculture on the natural environment. To that end, our fish are Wild Salmon Friendly TM!

We have been in the same location for 35 years, without impact on the surrounding environment. In fact, we believe that our presence here has made government ministries and forestry companies pay more attention to the health of the watershed in their planning because our business depends entirely on a healthy ecosystem. When cleaning the ponds, the waste goes into a settling pond where tubifex worms recycle the feces and clean water filters through a sand/gravel/dirt bank before going back into the creek. We don’t use any pesticides or herbicides on the property. We are always looking to upgrade and improve our operation. We know that customers are looking for a fish that has been raised on good food and without the use of hormones or chemicals. We work continually with our feed suppliers to develop feeds that are natural as possible. We closely monitor oxygen levels in our ponds, so that the fish are healthier and more efficient in their use of feed.

We are proud to produce fish that are healthy and full of flavour.